Morooka MST 2200VDR

The Morooka MST2200VDR tracked dumper offers an efficient way of moving soil because the whole upper structure can be rotated.

When the operator reaches the departure point for the soil, normally a tracked dumper would have to turn when fully loaded. This requires large amounts of power and energy and often churns the ground up if a tight turn is required. However, the MST2200VDR machine can drive in either direction saving expense, time and money.

Recent examples have shown that tracked dumpers with a rotating upper structure will save on track wear and undercarriage roller wear and tear. The carrying capacity is 11 tonnes. Moreover, the service access is very easy thanks to large access panels. The operator is also able to gain access via the front mounted step to get between the cabin and the engine bay where all of the engine checks should be done i.e. checking the oil level & cleaning the air filter.

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