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Having trialed a number of potential solutions to our requirements we made contact with Machinemax, a technology company specialising in asset management and tracking of mixed fleets. We explained what we wanted and they were able to provide a solution that was perfect for us. The platform was developed and information was imported from our OEM’s and tracking system providers to put all of our data into one location

Through an integration with our hire contract operating system this allowed us to create customer login platforms so that clients can login to the dashboard and view their own telematic data in real time and download historical reports. Using this accurate data can help customers to make informed hire decisions and drive efficiencies through targeted behavioural change.

The dashboard gives customers a complete overview of their hired fleet, which they can filter by project, oem or machine type. Data can be sorted in order of the different metrics such as by idle time highest to lowest. Clients can use this data to create leaderboards of their projects to add a competitive element to their efficiency efforts.

Multiple portals can be set up for customers with multiple live construction projects so that project staff can have visibility of equipment on their specific site and allowing them to benchmark utilisation across their site.

The platform works on mobile and tablet applications for site based management/ supervision as well as desktop web application for office based management.

To access your telematic data from your project, please get in touch with your account manager who will arrange access do your dedicated machinemax platform as well as a demonstration with some useful tips on how to interpret the data and launch site initiatives to drive continuous improvement.

"The Goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight"

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