All of M O'Brien Plant Hire's Operators undergo a thorough on-boarding process including a competency assessment, as well as hold the appropriate CPCS categories for the equipment that they will be operating. Through our in house training division M O'Brien has a range of bespoke training syllabus' to upskill operators knowlege and ability as well as give them familiarisation with additional types of equipment, safety devices and digital construction elements. 

Think Safe

Our safety Ethos of "Think Safe, Work Safe, Home Safe" is at the core of any task we carry out. We instill this way of working into all of our staff through behavioural based training and include this as part of our traditional red zone training activity, which can be carried out on site or at one of our depots. As well as looking at the physical aspects and pointing out the basics of people plant interface, we think its important to create awareness around day to day decisions that can be made to complete our construction tasks safely, and remember the golden rule that everyone is authorised to Stop carrying out a task if they feel like safety is being compromised, and should only continue that task once they are satisfied that a safe system of work is in place.

Digital Training

Our offering of digitally connected plant would be nowhere near as effective as it's been without the support of our training division delivering its in house developed syllabus to coach operatives on how it can be used correctly.

We train our operatives and offer training for customers using the latest simulator technology in order to effectively demonstrate the "Hows and the why's" of machine control. We find this method very effective as the simulator perfectly emulates the real machine control devices fitted to the plant and equipment found on site. This one day course can be carried out at our construction training facility in St Albans and delivered by our in house plant trainers.

For more information on our GPS systems, including production management capabilities, please contact us for a demonstration on how GPS machine control can provide benefits to your project. 

Eco Operator training

Whilst our training team have a primary focus on safety and coaching our operators and customers on how to utilise machinery in the safest way possible, we have also developed a syllabus for plant operators and supervisors based on economical operating. The key learning points of this syllabus are:

  • Reduction of idling time. 
  • Economic driving with consideration to engine load. 
  • The dig once, dig right approach. 
  • Maintenance of fuel savings. 
  • Equipment selection. 

More importantly the syllabus explains why these fuel savings matter. We all want to leave a better and cleaner environment for the next generation, and the sum of these small but consistent improvements certainly help us with that goal. 


Our transport fleet is equipped with the latest safety innovations to increase blind spot vision through intelligent 360 degree cameras, Direct vision standard vehicles, driver alerts and collision avoidance systems.

Our Drivers undergo regular training including: up to date CPC certification and CPCS loader and securer qualifications to ensure the safe loading, unloading and slinging/ securing of plant to their vehicle. We want to ensure the loading and unloading of plant is carried out in the safest way possible, and we are happy for customer's site representatives to attend training so we can demonstrate how we carry this out safely and what site can do to assist with this process. 

Customer Training

We offer these training services to our customers as part of our mission to provide them with safety, innovation and overall value of our offering. Our in House training school is also able to provide our customers with traditional construction training including CPCS accredited training and testing, NPORS approved training and testing, First aid, Mental Health First aid. All delivered at our depot near St Albans 

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