Kobelco SK210H (22 Tonne Hybrid Excavator)

M O’Brien Plant hire is pleased to say that its order of Kobelco SK210H Hybrid machines has now been delivered. Offering industry best practice for low emissions and high efficiency this is quite possible one of the most advanced excavators we have had on fleet. Having assessed other brands of hybrid excavators we found the Kobelco to be the most efficient and strongest in terms of reliability and backup through its UK Dealer network.

Whilst hybrid technology is fairly commonplace in cars, excavators have a greater demand for power so face some further challenges. Kobelco have addressed these and implemented an impressive system that not only improves the fuel efficiency of the machine, but also boosts its power and production capabilities. Proving that efficiency doesn’t have to compromise performance.

The Kobelco Hybrid system works in a number of ways to improve efficiency and power output.

1. During slew acceleration – the motor is powered solely by an electric motor and lithium-ion battery
2. During Slew Deceleration – the braking energy generated is converted back into electricity and stored in the lithium-ion battery.
3. During High load operation – The electricity accumulated in the lithium-ion battery allows the generator to assist the engine and boost power by 25kw. Assisting the engine also see’s fuel consumption reduced.
4. During Low load operation – The Engine power is used to generate electricity in the generator motor, and this electricity is stored in the lithium-ion battery.

Fuel Saving over conventional excavator -12.1% to 16.7%

Operating Weight – 23,100kg Dig Depth – 6.7m Dig Reach – 9.73m Machine Width – 2,990mm


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