Cat D5 Dozer (Next Gen)

The new Caterpillar D5 Next generation is suceeds the renowned D6N of the previous generation lineup and offers superior performance and the broadest choice of technology features. Nimble and responsive, it has power for pushing and finesse for grading. The fully automatic transmission paired withthe “Cat Coach” lets you get the most out of this impressive machine for both experienced and trainee operators.

  • Slope Indicate – New grade control feature provides you slope of
    blade in cross slope direction and mainfall (fore/aft) direction without
    having to estimate.
  • Slope Assist – New optional grade control feature which helps
    you more easily achieve the desired blade mainfall and cross slope
  • Stable Blade – New blade control feature helps you obtain a finish
    grade with less operator effort.
  • Traction Control – New traction control feature reduces track slip
    and undercarriage wear for lower operating costs.
  • Eco Mode – New engine throttle settings reduce fuel consumption
    up to 25% to save you more money.

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Additional information

Operating Weight




Blade Capacity

4.0 M3