M O’Brien Group Of companies Acquires Lowery Demolition LTD

The M O’Brien group is pleased to announce that it has come to an agreement to purchase a majority shareholding of Lowery Demolition. The prestigious demolition firm which has been completing prestigious demolition projects since 1983 will be a solid addition to the M O’Brien group of companies.

Having achieved great success through the contracting arm of the group, Skyland contractors, the group is confident that Lowery will continue to grow and take on blue chip projects in the same style and maintain an outstanding safety record, which is always our first priority.

Benefiting from the modern fleet of demolition equipment available from M O’Brien Plant Hire and one of the most up to date fleet of haulage Lorries in the UK supplied by Ashvale Haulage, Lowery will always have the best equipment available for the job.

Joining the management team as Demolition director of Lowery Demolition is Colin Prendergast. Colin comes with a wealth of experience built over 12 years of planning, overseeing and managing demolition projects.

Michael O’Brien, Group Managing director – “I am very excited about this new venture. Having been involved with many demolition projects and driving on projects a few years before first starting M O’Brien Plant hire, it’s something I have wanted to do for quite a few years. The wait for the right opportunity and the right management team has been worth the wait and I believe that the plan we have laid out will be very successful. Colin comes from a very strong background and with some outstanding references and I have every confidence that he will be a valued addition to our team.”

Colin Prendergast, Demolition Director – I feel honoured to be appointed in such an instrumental role within Lowery Demolition and look forward to embarking on a new venture with Michael O’Brien to add continued growth and become a leading member of the M O’Brien Group”

For all enquiries please contact our Head office on 01582 840045

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