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Long Reach Excavators

Below you can find all the information on our long reach excavators. We have a variation of sizes that sit on different makes of excavator. To view the spec sheets on our long reach excavators for Hire please follow the Links provided. If you would like any more information on M O'Brien Plant hires Nationwide hire service please do not hesitate to contact us by:
Phone: 01582 840045
Email: info@mobrienplanthireltd.co.uk

Simple crop (small A)

DX225 15M Long Reach Excavator

Weight 23800 Kg
Digging Reach 15M
Digging Depth 12M
Bucket Size 13T

ZX350 22M Long Reach Excavator

Simple crop (small A)
Weight 40000 Kg
Digging Reach 22M
Digging Depth 17.5M
Bucket Size 13T

ZX225 Telescopic Excavator

Simple crop (small A)
Weight 29400 Kg
Dig Depth 21150mm
Bucket Size 0.8 M3
DPF filter Yes

ZX350 Telescopic Excavator

Simple crop (small A)
Weight 42800 Kg
Dig Depth 28000mm
Bucket Size 1.3 M3
DPF Filter Yes