Welcome Back! Safe start briefings for return to work.

In addition to various Welcome back schemes implemented by our clients on a number of projects across the U.K we at M O’Brien Group have included the use of the Hazard awareness school in our own welcome back package situated on the M27 Smart motorway project developed in collaboration with the BMJV team.

The aim of the hazard school is to target high risk areas and prepare skill rehearsals as part of the on boarding process.
Each area of the Hazard school contains scenarios for operatives to ‘spot Hazards’ and discuss best practice to understand the key hazards that they may face while in a safe environment.

Going forward we intend on using the school for future training, interactive tool box talks, and integrating the school into our induction programs.

Perfect for refreshing our teams, excellent for new starters.
Following this all of our teams have received Tool Box talks, Re-briefed on RAMS and direction have all taken place within a controlled soft start approach to our major project involvement.

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