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Quick Hitch

quick hitch

All of the Excavators on the M O’Brien Plant Hire fleet are fitted with
the latest and safest Double locking Quick hitch. Double Locking
mechanisms prevent the system from being unlocked in the event of
a hydraulic failure or accidental activation of the hydraulics. This is
done simply with a backup mechanical system not connected
directly to the hydraulics.

We are also installing to our new machines, Quick Hitch release
alarms that issue an audible warning to personnel around the
machine to let them know that the machine is about to release the
bucket or attachment.

By Using Double Locking Quick Hitches on all of our machines it
eliminates the need for safety pins where the driver has to manually
put the pin in place to secure the bucket.

We are also one of only a few people who supply 3 t excavators and below with a full double locking quick hitch.

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